The nation is well served in the development of its sport programmes through the contribution of the Fiji National Sports Commission and the Fiji Sports Council (FSC) said Litiana Loabuka, CEO of the Council.

Loabuka said that there has been some confusion in the roles that the two organisations play in sports development but, in fact, they are distinctly different.

“The Fiji Sports Council is responsible for the 22 Government-owned sporting facilities located around the country.

“As the appointed custodian, the Fiji Sports Council’s main responsibility is to manage, maintain and supervise the use of its facilities. This includes programmes for on-going maintenance and improvements.

“Our 2016-2020 Strategic Plan is mainly aimed at improving and upgrading existing facilities, while also developing new ones, to meet International Standards,” she said.

Loabuka explained that the Fiji National Sports Commission (FNSC), on the other hand, directly engages with sporting bodies, communities and personalities at every level of sports participation and is responsible for distributing Government funding to NSO’s for the development of their elite athletes and teams.

FNSC Executive Chairman, Peter Mazey, reiterated this, saying, “Established in 2013, the Commission was sanctioned to develop coordinated programmes that encourage participation in sports and physical activities by all Fijian citizens, from kindergarten to senior citizens, from junior sports to the professional level.”

“Of course, both organisations are actively engaged in promoting the development of sport throughout the nation, while also encouraging physical activity to improve the overall health and well-being of all,” said Executive Chairman, Peter Mazey

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