Eleven sporting federations
that applied for certification to be accredited under the Fiji National Sports
Commission and the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, received their
Accredited Sport certifications today.

Fiji National Sports
Commission chairman Peter Mazey says the importance of these accreditation is
that it creates a set of quality standards for all sporting federations having
been sufficiently educated in promoting safe sports in the country.

40 Federations had applied
for accreditation.

These sporting Federations
submitted their return to play protocols to the Fiji National Sports Commission
a few weeks ago.

The protocols include plans
to getting back on the field post COVID-19 and getting accustomed to the new

The Commission had a vetting
team that looked into all the submissions made to the Commission.

Cathy Wong, who is part of the vetting team says she commends the great work put in by all the sporting bodies that applied, having to relate their ‘Return to Sports International Guideline’ in a way that suits them well.

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