Two hundred and forty-five serving Special Constables marked the beginning of their Basic Recruits Training with a timely reminder from the Acting Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu on the need to maintain the integrity of the policing profession.

Batch 3 of 2019 officially marks the beginning of the regularization process of the more than 900 Special Constables in line with the Restructure process currently underway within the Fiji Police Force.

In opening the Basic Recruits Course, the Acting Commissioner acknowledged the patience of a number of Special Constables who have served decades waiting for their chance to undergo the training and join the regular force.

He however urged the recruits to understand that while most were serving police officers, that they needed to start on a clean slate.

It was also a special day for three of the most senior Recruits 51year old PC Kalesita Cora with 18years of service, 51year old PC Samuela Rubuni with 25yrs of service, 50year old WPC Selina Savu with 25yrs of service and 50 year old WPC Sainimili Adi with 20years of service.

Also marching in were four officers from the Tuvalu Police Force WPC Lillian Tusitala, WPC Matagimale Evagelia, PC Lemoe Fagalele and PC Satoka Ketonu.

The BRC 03/19 will be for a period of 3 months.


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