SODELPA (in suspension) cannot hold itself out to be a political party over the next 60 days.

This follows the party’s suspension as declared by the Registrar of Political Parties Mohammed Saneem.

This means that members will not participate in parliaments sittings.

The Party (in suspension) could face deregistration if it does not remedy the breach of the Political Parties Act.

Applications filed by ‘quote’ the purported Acting General Secretary of SODELPA (in suspension), Emele Duituturaga and purported Acting General Secretary Adi Litia Qionabaravi were rejected by the Registrar of Political Parties Mohammed Saneem.

SODELPA (in suspension) was found in breach of the Political Parties Act.

Both meetings at the Holiday Inn and Kshatriya Hall were not held according to the now-suspended party’s constitution.

Saneem said there were multiple versions of the SODELPA (in suspension) constitution – with versions he was not aware of as Registrar.

There are provisions in the SODELPA (in suspension) constitution that is missing which is alarming Saneem says.

Meanwhile the matter of various versions of the Constitution Saneem says will be referred to FICAC.

SODELPA (in suspension) has 60 days to sort out their issues before they will have to show cause to the Registrar of Political Parties that the party should NOT be de-registered.

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