Sixty (60)
people were arrested during the curfew hours from 10pm to 5am including two
Police Officers.

Commissioner of Police, Brigadier General, Sitiveni Qiliho have directed that the two Police officers based at the Labasa Police Station be charged and produced like every other Fijian that has been arrested for breaching the nationwide curfew and also face internal disciplinary measures.

Of the fifty-six
(56) arrests, twenty eight (28) were recorded in the Southern Division,
twenty-six (26) in the West, four (4) and the two (2) Police officers in the

Qiliho have also issued a directive that any Police officer who is found breaching the measures and restrictions announced by the Hon. Prime Minister will be removed from the institution, and this will include  anyone responsible for social gatherings at Police premises including Barracks.

At a time where
we are calling for support towards COVID-19, I will not allow Police officers
to take advantage of their affiliation to the Fiji Police Force where they
think they can abuse their powers during the current situation.

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