The Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission notes that the Fiji Police Force has now submitted the investigation file into the death of Mesake Sinu Leleiwasa who was allegedly assaulted by a group of police officers, to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The Commission confirmed submitting their own report to the Fiji Police Force on the 12th of November.

Based on witness statements, death certificate, and post mortem examination findings, the Commission has established that the victim was subjected to cruel, inhumane, degrading, or disproportionately severe treatment at the hands of the police officers, which resulted in his death.
The Commission is urging the Fiji Police Force to also investigate the allegations of assault inflicted on two key witnesses in this case. The two were present at the scene on the 12th of October when the victim was allegedly apprehended by the officers. The Commission has also submitted a report to the Fiji Police Force on the alleged assault of the two witnesses.

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