Vishwa Jeet Sharma, a Senior
Systems Administrator at CJ Patel & Co Ltd attributes the industrial
attachment component of Fiji National University (FNU) programmes as a key
factor in securing his dream career. 

“In August 2015, I started
my industrial attachment which is a compulsory requirement to graduate at the
FNU,” said Sharma.

“The attachment was very
practical and I learnt a lot. I had the chance to work with all the 13
subsidiary companies of CJ Patel, namely, Fiji Dairy Limited, Viti Foods
Limited, Southern Cross Foods Limited, Pacific Batteries Limited, Alfa Limited,
Macquarie Travelworld and others.”

After completing his six
months of practical work, Sharma was offered full-time employment as an IT
Support Technician by the company, which he accepted.

He worked on that position
for one year before being promoted to System Administrator. Eight months later,
he was promoted to Senior System Administrator – a position he currently holds.

“I chose to study at FNU as
it was affordable and very close to home, but I didn’t know the immense
benefits of doing Industrial attachment,” he added.

“As a Senior System
Administrator, my responsibilities are to ensure that the server and network
administration and support are fully operational so that all work is carried
out efficiently for C J Patel & Co and all its 13 subsidiary companies to
continue their daily operations,” shared Sharma.

As a child, Sharma had a
keen interest in computers and receiving one as a primary school student had a
major boost in his interest.

“I had my first computer
when I was in Year Eight. My parents would always find me on it. I would be on
it for hours exploring what it had to offer. I would watch documentaries on
television about how computers were used to do little things such as open and
shut doors to bigger things like assisting in the smooth running of
businesses,” shared Vishwa.

As he grew older, he
realised that he could pursue interests in different fields of computing, from
repairing it to programming.  Universities largely offered two majors in
Computing which were, Computer Science (CS) and Information System (IS), and
after researching both disciplines, he decided that his interest was inclined
towards IS.

After completing his high
school education, Sharma started on his dream career path, enrolling in the
Bachelor of Commerce (Information System and Management) programme at FNU’s
College of Business, Hospitality and Tourism Studies (CBHTS).

“Information system focuses
on how to apply technology to business, which is why I decided to couple it
with management to give me a greater perspective. I knew it was going to be an
exciting journey,” he stated.

“I am glad that I chose to
study at FNU as the lecturers were well equipped with industry experience and
had been working in private sectors before joining the university.”

“I enjoy troubleshooting and
resolving issues that arise and sometimes it’s challenging as there are new
technologies that keep coming in the market and new issues arise,” added

Sharma continued his studies
as a part-time student, and finally completed his Bachelor of Commerce
(Information System and Management) programme in 2019.

He also shared his top three
tips for graduates starting in their career, “Have self-confidence; communicate
– if you don’t know anything ask and learn; and, be a team player for success.”

Sharma was part of the first
graduation ceremony in 2020 which is also the University’s 10th
anniversary year. 

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