Christmas came 5 days early in 2019 for Shamal Kumar who won the major prize in the “Crest Cash for Christmas” promotion. 

With a total of $50,000 cash prizes up for grabs, 80 lucky winners walked away with $500 cash prize and one winner took $10,000 in the major draw. 

There were approximately 40,500 entries sent in from across Fiji – including 80 entries from the winner Shamal Kumar of Labasa. “I am always on the lookout for Crest Chicken promotions because they are the best” said the Labasa local.  

The Christmas miracle came as a complete surprise to the Labasa local and he has been wearing the biggest smile since receiving the news of his lucky win. 

“When I got the call and heard that I had won the big one – I was completely speechless. And when I told my family, they couldn’t believe it either. But here I am holding a huge check for $10,000 with my name on it! Vinaka Crest Chicken!”  

This signified a successful end to the year of 2019 for the team at Crest Chicken, proving once and for all when it comes to good food and happily ever afters, Crest really is the best. 

Keep an eye out for the next big promotion from Crest Chicken in 2020. Who knows the next big winner could be you.


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