At around 10am this morning,
Severe Tropical Cyclone(TC) Harold made landfall on the island of Espiritu
Santo in Vanuatu. Observations and reports received from Vanuatu indicate
damages to infrastructure, heavy rain and flooding of low lying areas. 

At midday today, Severe
Tropical Cyclone Harold was analysed at 15.6 south latitude and 166.9 east
longitude or about 280km Northwest of Port Vila or about 1,150km West of Nadi.
It is a Category 5 system with sustained winds of approximately 215km/hr close
to its centre and momentary gusts extending to 295km/hr. It is moving
east-south-eastward at about 13km/hr. 

TC Harold is expected to move
to the east of Vanuatu tomorrow morning, thereafter it is expected to continue
moving in a southeast direction. At midday on Tuesday (07/04), TC Harold is
expected to be located approximately 725km West of Yasawa-I-Rara or about 715km
West of Nadi. At midday on Wednesday (08/04), it is expected to be located
approximately 310km south-southwest of Yasawa-I-Rara or about 200km
south-southwest of Nadi. As it continues to move in that direction, it is
expected to pass just towards the southwest of Fiji. 

Even though the centre is
expected pass to the southwest of Fiji, active rainbands bringing occasional
rain and possibly gale force winds could be experienced along the Yasawa and
Mamanuca group, Western half of Viti Levu and Kadavu. This is expected to begin
from tomorrow. Gale Force winds may cause loose objects to fly, break twigs and
tree branches and slight damages to weak-structured houses. The concern also
extends to coastal inundation including sea flooding of coastal areas. The
areas unto which the effects will be experienced could be to other parts of
Fiji as TC Harold moves closer.

It is therefore advisable that
we prepare accordingly. Take the necessary steps to ensure that homes and
properties are well secured. Ensure that your compounds are cleared of all
debris that could harm individuals and damage properties in the event of strong
winds. For those who live along low-lying flood prone areas, please be aware of
your escape routes in the event of rising flood waters.

For more details and the latest on weather, please contact
the National Weather Forecasting Centre on 6736006, 9905376 or visit the Fiji
Meteorological Service’s website,

You can also visit the Fiji Meteorological Service official
Facebook page for latest updates. 

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