The Acting Commissioner Rusiate Tudravu has directed the Internal Affairs Department to conduct a separate investigation into claims made against officers who allegedly assaulted a man in Raiwaqa earlier today.

Police were responding to a call for assistance at a taxi base in Raiwai regarding a man who was allegedly drunk and incapable after 10am this morning.

The man allegedly resisted arrest which resulted in a confrontation with the arresting officer where his uniform was torn. The man also allegedly punched the bonnet of the Police vehicle.

The officer continued in his attempt to arrest the suspect and was assisted by other police officers who were passing by in another vehicle.

He was eventually arrested and taken into custody at the Raiwaqa Police Station where he is being investigated for damaging property, resisting arrest and drunk and disorderly.

A/CP Tudravu has however assured the family that if there is evidence that officers had abused their powers while effecting arrest, the officers responsible will be held accountable.

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