A senior Police officer has been charged with allegedly
breaching the Lautoka lockdown restrictions.

The senior officer allegedly left Lautoka and returned to
Sigatoka over the weekend.

He has been charged with one count of disobedience of lawful
order and will be produced at the Sigatoka Magistrates Court tomorrow.

The alleged selfish actions of the senior officer is deeply
concerning and I have directed he be sent on interdiction/suspension and

We cannot have Police Officers who are intent on serving
their own needs while blatantly disregarding the welfare, safety and security
of the people we serve, particularly in a time where police are relied upon
heavily to keep everyone safe.

The alleged actions of this officer, in no way reflects the
tireless work put in by hundreds of other officers manning the checkpoints and
those currently serving within the Lautoka restricted areas these past few

I reiterate once again that there is no place in the Fiji
Police Force for officers who break the very laws we are expected to uphold,
and will ensure that those found breaching the restrictions will be made to
face the consequences of their actions in a court of law like everyone else.

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