The Senidilo Women’s Homestay Project was opened on Friday and is expected to bring more economic activity for the people of Saqani in Cakaudrove.

From an idea to host guest to making their dream a reality, the new two bedroom homestay will allow visitors to enjoy their stay at the beautiful Saqani Bay.

While opening this project today, Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture, Rural and Maritime Development, Waterways and Environment, Dr Mahendra Reddy congratulated the women of Saqani for actively participating in the development of Saqani village.

“We want to see response and your enthusiasm, your passion, your commitment, to actually utilize the natural resources that you have to its full capacity but at the same time ensuring that we don’t compromise our natural environment” said Dr Reddy.

“We need to ensure that we protect our environment for our children and for the future of Fiji” he said.

Senidilo Women’s President, Makarita Naliga says that this will open a lot of development opportunities to the village of Saqani.

Naliga said that the women’s group will continue to seek advise from the government on other development opportunities they can bring into their village.

The Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development has invested an estimated $300,000 on women’s projects in the last three [3] years through its Self-Help Program. The Ministry has been supporting women’s initiatives such as Fish Ponds, Horticulture, Outboard Motor Engine and Boat, Roofing Irons, Virgin Coconut Oil projects, Bakeries, Water Projects, Freezers and Dairy Projects. The Ministry has recently ventured into tourism related projects, like this Senidilo Homestay Women’s Project.

The Government, through the Ministry of Rural & Maritime Development has invested over $38,000.00 for the construction of this homestay.

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