The Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts wishes to advise the general public that all schools will remain closed as of 2.30pm today due to the cyclone warning currently in place for the whole of Fiji Group. 

All Heads of Schools are advised to ensure that all students sitting the external examination papers this morning must leave for home immediately. 

All staff may leave by 2.00pm upon ensuring that the school premises are fully secured. Heads of Schools must ensure that all our resources are protected. Heads of Schools are to ensure that schools used and identified as evacuation centers should be prepared to accommodate those needing shelter and support. 

All external examinations that were scheduled for this afternoon and Thursday for Years 12 and 13 students have been postponed. Papers will be rescheduled when the weather is favorable or when the Ministry makes a decision otherwise. 

Minister Akbar is urging students and parents not to panic about the remaining papers but keep themselves safe during the cyclone. “We can assure you that no child will be disadvantaged”. 

At this stage the safety and well-being of all our staff and students is paramount. We are urging all parents to strictly monitor their children’s movement. Please follow the advice from the National Disaster Management Office media alerts and warnings. 

Take care and stay safe.

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