Samoa is tightening access further by banning the entry of travellers who might be carrying the new Covid-19 strain.

Samoa is now banning travellers transiting through 13 countries, including Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Canada.

Last week, Samoa banned all travellers from Britain and South Africa because of the emergence of the new B.1.1.7 strain.

Restrictions are also in force for recovered Covid-19 travellers who have to defer travel for six months after their infection.

To be able to travel, they must pass three tests seven days apart and take another Covid-19 test five days before their departure.

According to the Ministry of Health, pre-departure testing rules also apply to flight and sea crews.

The Ministry, which signs off the travel requirements, also reserves the right to increase quarantine from 14 to 21 days.

Nearly 300 stranded Samoan sailors are expected to travel home on a special repatriation flight on 22 January.

Their fate is unclear as some of the sailors had been reported to have contracted Covid-19 while stranded in Europe.

Samoa is among the few countries which have remained free of Covid-19.


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