Health Minister Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete has advised people in the North to practice safe and healthy lifestyle behaviors to reduce the burden of diseases.

his tour to the villages and settlements, he emphasized that people should be
mindful of their health and work together towards healthy lifestyles behaviors.

often make the wrong choices and this is something that leads to our ill health
which would have been avoidableโ€.

Waqainabete highlighted that proper hygiene and sanitation should remain the
priority and every individual should need to understand the benefits of
practicing as such.

rise in these diseases such as typhoid and diahorreah are the direct effect of
the ill health practices and often people donโ€™t realize this unless they fall

also advised the villagers to work together to address such issues which will
make them more stronger and be able to contain the spread of the diseases.

the outbreak of diseases has brought unprecedented financial burden to the
families and the country as a whole.

Health Ministry has been continuously creating outreach programs on the
prevention of LTDโ€™s to protect the people from the harmful effects of such

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