Improving the well-being of Fijians in rural and maritime areas is one of the key priority for overall growth and development where most critical primary economic activities takes place.

This was highlighted by the Minister for Agriculture, Rural and Maritime Development, Waterways and Environment, Dr Mahendra Reddy while commissioning a foot crossing bridge at Nabukelevu village in Serua.

Minister Reddy reiterated that the Fijian Government is committed towards the protection and development of rural and maritime communities where most of the critical primary economic activity such as agriculture takes place.

He stressed that communities in the rural and maritime area may be out sight but not out of mind as they are on the Government’s priority list to ensure that no one is left behind in the development process.

“Our Prime Minister is very particular about how you are supported and assisted where his agenda is for all Fijians to grow together and is very particular about serving and responding to the growth and development in the rural and maritime areas,” Minister Reddy said.

“The vision is to ensure that no one is left behind as all members in the community need to ensure that they are part of the development process and are provided with equal opportunities.”

Minister Reddy further reiterated that the Government objective is also to escalate the living standard of individual households in the rural and maritime sector by providing equal opportunities in terms of education, health, and other imperative accomplishments.

“Therefore it is imperative that we reach out to them and provide them with the basic infrastructure that will contribute towards their development,” he said.

Meanwhile, Minister Reddy commissioned two-foot crossing bridges in Nabukelevu and Nakorovou village with the two projects costing $7,010 and $3,940 respectively.


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