Rotten, mouldy and sliced potatoes and onions were a common scene in 77% of supermarkets surveyed in the greater Suva area this morning as part of the Consumer Council of Fiji’s intensive market surveillance program during the current festive season.

The surveillance which was carried out from 10am this morning (12 November 2020) was driven by the Council’s current beefed up market surveillance as well as complaints raised by concerned consumers.

Council Chief Executive Officer Ms. Seema Shandil has expressed her utter disappointment at these supermarkets for the lack of ethical business practices – that too during the current shopping hype when consumers are out and about in thousands; doing their Diwali shopping.

“We received calls from many frustrated consumers flagging this issue to us. One of the consumers, Mr Dharmendra Kumar of Narere, Nasinu visited four different supermarkets along the Suva – Nausori corridor yesterday (11th November, 2020); wasting his time, fuel and effort,
in search of quality potatoes and onions but to no avail” said Ms Shandil.

“This practice by supermarkets is unacceptable. They are trying to sell these shoddy, unmerchantable products to consumers especially when there is a high demand for it during the current Diwali season.

This is just a blatant attempt by these unscrupulous supermarkets to
get rid of these inferior products and get their hands-on consumers hard earned money”.

Supermarkets implicated during this surveillance were issued with warning letters and the Council will be submitting a report of this surveillance to the Food Safety Unit of the Ministry of Health as well as the relevant municipal Council’s for stringent actions to be taken against
these supermarkets.

Meanwhile, the Council has commended Extra Supermarket, New World IGA, Kundan Singh Supermarket and Fresh hoice for providing quality products to consumers.

“These were the only supermarkets which had quality potatoes and onion on display during the time of the survey” added Ms Shandil.

“This begs the question as to why other supermarkets are not
practicing the same but are opting to these dubious tactics to sell products. If these supermarkets are providing quality products and services; other can too

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