Fiji Airways Women’s Roela Radiniyavuni received a red card for striking an opponent during their game against China.

The Judicial Officer ruled a suspension would be disproportionate to the offending & that there had been exceptional circumstances which merited overturning the red card.

After judicial hearing where coach Saiasi Fuli represented her player and mitigated on the following

1. Defending a fan is a skill taught at training. But looking at the footage, that was not a fan from the Chinese player, she illegally grabbed our player on the neck which is dangerous according to the law for an attacking player. That is an illegal tactic to take out or grabbed someone who wasn’t in anyway involved in the tackle. So the Chinese player should be carded for holding onto a player on the neck and not involved in the tackle.

2. Also it not a fan( open arms) from the chinese but a grabbed on the neck side of the jersey which is high,.so how can our player get away from an illegal ball carry?. Roela is the victim of unfair call.

Ruling- Expungement is a court – ordered process in which the legal record ( red cad) of the offence is erased in the eyes of the law. So the Red Card is expunged and her name ( Roela ) will be erased from the World Rugby discipline record and she can play in the next game.

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