Students of Ratu Kadavulevu School (RKS) will resume classes from Tuesday next week (8/09/2020) while the Ministry of Education continues full investigations into the recent disruption of classes for more than 700 students.

Two important issues are being addressed by the Ministry, one is the allegation against the Head of School, and the other is the breach of the Ministry’s behaviour management policy by students.

The Ministry has carried out an initial assessment based on which the students who were involved in inciting the protests will be suspended. They will be provided with counselling and academic support during this period.

There is alleged involvement of staff in inciting the students and these teachers will be investigated.

The Head of School has requested for relocation. The Ministry has agreed to his request with immediate effect.

The Ministry has assigned the Acting Director Secondary, Mr Iosefo Masivue, to oversee the investigations and school operations until a new Head of School is appointed.

An expression of interest will be put out by the Ministry as part of a merit-based process to select the best candidate.

The Ministry reiterates that grievances must be addressed using the proper channel and not through methods which disrupt classes.

The Ministry cautions students to refrain from such behaviour and to not be led astray by unscrupulous elements as there are consequences as per the Student Behavior Management Policy.

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