For much of the world, climate change is a catastrophe unfolding in slow
motion, with consequences that can still seemingly be ignored.

But in island nations across the Pacific, climate change has well and truly
arrived and is already posing an existential threat to communities.

Rising sea levels has forced close to 50 villages to relocate.

The Minister for Waterways and Environment Dr Mahendra Reddy said this was a
growing concern and the ministry was putting in all its resources to help those

“Due to a rise in sea levels and other flow-on effects, several communities in Fiji are already having to move out of their homes and relocate.”

The Ministry of Waterways and Environment has been conducting on the ground assessments on how best those affected can be assisted.

“Moala village has been experiencing increasing coastal
erosion and flooding over recent years.”

Dr. Reddy says if a cause of action is not formulated immediately, many other villages will follow the same fate.

As a consequence of the impacts of climate change, some
households and entire communities across Fiji are making the complex and
challenging decision to leave their homelands and relocate to new environments
that can sustain their livelihoods.

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