The RFMF Director Finance, Logistics, and Acquisition CAPT(Navy) Lepani Vaniqi this morning opened a one-day training workshop for Finance and Procurement Officers of the RFMF at the Ro Lalabalavu House in Suva. The training is attended by personnel involved in the market research, procurement, and accounting at the Cost Centre level.

While addressing the workshop, CAPT (Navy) Vaniqi said that the training marks the end of a financial year and the beginning of a new one. He reminded participants that whatever has been done in the last financial year is now history and can not be changed. The auditors will determine how they have performed in the last financial year.

He told the participants that the training was also conducted to prepare them for the new journey ahead. Capt (Navy) Vaniqi emphasized on the need to correct what they have been doing wrong and to further enhance on doing the right things prior to the next audit.
He urged all participants to use the workshop as a platform to share information on challenges faced during the previous financial year and to also establish innovative ideas that would assist the RFMF.

In addition to this, CAPT (Navy) Vaniqi also stressed the importance of discussing and introducing various ways to improve on areas highlighted from the last audit reports.
He concluded that the RFMF budget for this year is again being reduced to $81m and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure the prudent use of finances and military resources to sustain RFMF Operations in the coming 12 months.

A similar training is scheduled for next week which will include ll Cost Centre Managers next week.

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