A three days Inter-unit Shooting Competition for the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) was held in Classification Range at Vatuwaqa on 22 January 2020.

The shooting competition was organized by the Land Force Command (LFC) Operations to provide a healthy sports relationship between units of the Force, and also to select the best capable players to represent the RFMF in the Australian Army Skills at Arms Meet 2020 (AASAM).

In addition to this, the ultimate objectives of the competition was to identify the best person who would accurately engage in targets under different circumstances which basically includes stressed fire using a single fleeting target that must be engage quickly, targets that must be engaged within the time they remain available and a surprised target that must be engage at once with instinctive accurate fire.

The Commanding Officer Third Battalion Fiji Infantry Regiment (3FIR) Lieutenant Colonel (Lt-Col) Aseri Rokoura opened the competition and reminded the participants how important it was to have knowledge on infantry weapons.

“All firers, likewise all members of the RFMF were trained as infantry at FTG, therefore the use and knowledge of firearms must be maintained,” Lt-Col Rokoura said.

“The purpose of this shooting competition is in line with the CRFMF intent in terms of capacity building; secondly, to be efficiently and effectively postured for any contingency and lastly is to select and prepare an RFMF team to represent the Defence Force in Australia.” Lt-Col Rokoura stated.

Lt-Col Rokoura said that there will be more shooting competition for this year include a combined arm firing. He added that it is there intent to include the Protected Mobility Vehicle (PMV) for attack by fire whilst conduct their shooting.

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