The Methodist Church of Fiji has called on all of their members, to respect the 14 days nationwide restriction on mass gatherings, that has been announced by the Prime Minister.

The President of the Methodist Church in Fiji, Reverend Ili Vunisuwai has advised members, that Covid 19 is a virus not to be taken lightly, and dealing with it requires wisdom, decernment, and most importantly obedience to authorities, who are well versed on this pandemic.

Reverend Vunisuwai said that the Bose Vakayabaki or Divisional Annual General Meetings that was scheduled to be held this coming week – is to be cancelled and await further announcement.

All worship gatherings in Church’s, cell groups, rally’s, evangelism programs, visitations or meetings of all levels are to be cancelled.

The examination for both Ministerial and Lay Pastor ministry – is also cancelled.

Church members have also been advised that movements in relation to Church programs to be minimized.

The church is not aware of the intensity of the spread of the current case.

The latest victim was also vaccinated before she contracted the virus.

But it’s the Church’s responsibility to look at the bigger picture, and contribute to the effort of containing the virus, and working together for the general well-being of all citizens.

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