The Fiji Sports Council’s National Fitness Centre (NFC) offers opportunities to keep fit and is an ideal location to fulfil one’s fitness goals for this New Year.

The range of equipment, from cardio machines (rowing, spin bikes), control weight machines, and the free- weights room containing barbells with plates and dumb bells makes the NFC suitable for all ages, gender, and physique. It’s located at Queen Elizabeth Drive and is one 23 facilities belonging to the Fiji Sports Council.

“The gym is about getting you fit for the life you want to live,” says the NFC Facility Supervisor, Tavaita Rowati, who is also a World Rugby level two certified strength and conditioning coach for the Fijiana 15s rugby team.

“We have members of the national teams who train here. Some members of the public may have the perception that since they’re not a national rep, they can’t join the National Fitness Centre. The NFC is for everyone and fitness and healthy living should be a part of each person’s lifestyle.

“People are now taking the initiative to visit the NFC and investing in membership. Whether you want to be bulky, lose the weight, tone, or maintain your current physique- the gym is there to accommodate your requirements,” Ms Rowati said.

Customers requiring personalised exercise programmes may request this service from the gym attendants, and a customised training schedule developed with one of the three external trainers accredited to the Fiji Sports Council and recognised by the NFC.

NFC customers consist of club members, walk-ins, students, workers, to sportsmen and sportswomen, with ages ranging from seven for those who prepare for Milo Kaji games to 65. Open Monday through Sunday, the NFC has changing rooms for men and women, “convenient for those who wish to workout before heading to work.”

“You hear it being said, and it is true, that a healthy population contributes to a productive workforce,” Ms Rowati concluded.

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