If you are an eye witness to careless or reckless driving on our roads you can utilise the Land Transport Authority texting platform 582 or send them an email help@lta.com.fj

In doing so you MUST provide as much detail as possible the minimum requirement is your name and contact details, the day, date, time, location of the incident together with details of what you actually witnessed.

The LTA has an evidential standard to be met before any action can be initiated as these matters can and do often end in court proceedings.

You maybe asked to make a statutory declaration in relation to the incident you witnessed.

Note: The Authority does not issue Traffic Infringement Notices without the evidential standard being met and certainly does not initiate any action in relation to any reports.

The Authority has begun to “Name and Shame” Drivers who have had their licences suspended, revoked etc and will continue to do this as we remove “high risk drivers” from our roads.

Remember road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

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