We need to work together in this time of national crisis to find solutions for those in need, says National Federation Party Leader Prof Biman Prasad.

Prof Biman says he has called on the government for a bipartisanship on several occasions however his offer has been rejected.

Prof Biman Prasad says the constitution was viewed through a bipartisan approach and created a platform for dialogue.

Since 2014, NFP’s first motion has been for a bipartisan committee to look into reforms in the education, and health sector.

“As far as the NFP is concerned and if you go back to 2014, when we were discussing the 2015 budget- I called for a government of national unity at that point in time and we have continued in the last 6 years to call for a bipartisanship to work together on a number of national crisis and national issues for example health, education and drugs.”

Government has repeatedly rejected the offer and talks on bipartisanship, says Prof Biman.

“We know that the impact of COVID 19 on our economy is disastrous but we also know that our economy was in a bad shape even before the COVID 19 crisis.”

“The problems that we have today is a result of that reckless policy formulation and reckless spending over the last several years.”

He says Fiji’s economic revival needs a collective approach from all parties.

“We have so many calls from people struggling to pit food on their table. Now this is a very serious crisis, there are thousands of people without jobs, there are thousands of people whose income have been reduced and many of them were struggling even before COVID19, in terms of the cost of living and the income they were receiving- it’s even worse now.”

He says now more than ever is a time to come together and resolve issues concerning the nation.

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