Whilst the #COVID-19 pandemic has compelled us to changeround and go back to the beginning, we must remain unified in everything we do. Minister for Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport Honourable Faiyaz Siddiq Koya, made these comments as he addressed the National Eid-E-Miladun Nabi event in Nausori.

“We must recognise, that our unity is our strength, and our strength will lead to our ultimate victory,” he said,“Whilst we have stepped out of our comfort zones in adapting to the new-normal, our character, as #Fijians, makes us relentless and spirited in everything we do.

For the past few months, my team and I have been around #Fiji, visiting Fijian businesses and communities. Although, I acknowledge this is a hard time, we must show appreciation to our brothers and sisters who have spared no effort in keeping our homes filled with surety and freedom from doubt.”

Minister Koya reminded muslim brothers and sisters of their duty of care to all Fijians and rest of the World.“Brothers and Sisters,

These are just some of the simple individualities of our Holy Prophet (PBUH), which we need to remind ourselves, especially, during these trying times,” he said.

“In saying this, this has awakened memories of the story of our beloved Prophet. He had a neighbor, of a different faith, who was unceasingly ill-tempered. She once fell ill, and our Rasool (PBUH) went and visited her and prayed for her.

Brothers and sisters, this is what we need, combined solidarity as Fijians. “Brothers and Sisters, As you will appreciate, the #FijianGovernment has responded swiftly and vigorously to the pandemic, and our preparedness as a Nation, has enabled us to come together and celebrate this momentous occasion surrounded by our families and friends.”

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