As drug operations continue in Kadavu a noticeable reduction in overall crime offences has been recorded for Kadavu.

Chief Operations Officer ACP Abdul Khan says a 53% reduction was recorded for the period between the 22ndof June to the 31stof August in 2020 compared to 2019.

Sexual offences, theft and burglary recorded decreases during this period as well as other minor offences.

“While drug offences increased due to the increased tempo of operations, sexual offences dropped from the nine cases recorded in 2019 to 1 recorded in 2020 for the said operational period”.

“Theft also recorded a decrease whereby three cases were recorded this year in comparison to the eleven cases recorded last year”.

ACP Khan says this is encouraging and believes the increased tempo of operations has led to the decrease in other criminal offences.

“We are committed to eradicating the drug problem in Kadavu and we will continue to send teams in as long as it takes to curb the illicit trade”.

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