The Ministry of Environment designed e-garburator program was launched by Hon. Dr. Mahendra Reddy marking the Ministry’s Celebration of the Golden Jubilee (50th) Fiji Day Celebrations.

While commissioning the first of the fifty facilities at the Bavu Village (outside Nadi), the Minister said “fifty communities will be gifted with these rare eco-based dumpsites, that will convert community waste into useful composted manure. There is now no excuse for irresponsible dumping of waste anywhere else in the community.

This Program will prepare our communities to effectively manage waste generated by the households. Phase 1 of the Flagship Program is designed to raise awareness about waste composting and encourage member communities (and beyond) to do it more diligently.

The program will bear a “knock-on” effect. Such community schemes can start small, but as families become more aware and interested in the process and of course the many environmental benefits, they would to end up doing more to preserve the environment(s) in which they live and thrive. 

While congratulating the Bavu community on their first step towards a Community Based (waste) Management (CEM) program, the Minister also reiterated the several hidden benefits that accompany such an exercise being carried out.

These benefits would market the direct values of the materials collected rather than getting strewn all over the place, the avoided costs of collection and disposal (including external costs of disposal to the landfills and of course the direct consumer benefits including composting).

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