R. C. Manubhai & Co. Pte Ltd has labelled fake news spread by Facebook trolls claiming that “indo-Fijians are buying ammunition to go to war with the iTaukei”, as a sick attempt to incite fear and hate.

R C Manubhai imports hunting grade ammunition which is provided to licensed
farmers who hunt pigeons, wild pigs and wild dogs.

“It is quite sad that Facebook trolls have decided to spread this
fake news causing fear among Fijians and discrediting our company which has
served Fijians for decades,” said R C Manubhai Director, Bhavesh Kumar.

“Ammunition is only released to farmers who have a valid license
obtained from the Fijian Police Force on yearly basis and we have strict
procedures, guidelines and documentation requirements for any ammunition to be
released to a licenced gun owner” which is further audited by the Police

All civilian gun owners must be licensed, and their weapons individually
registered with the Police department. Private firearms are restricted to
hunting and sport shooting only and require same stringent requirements as
noted above.

Kumar urged Fijians to be wary of fake news on Facebook.

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