RC Manubhai and the South Pacific Business Development (SPBD) signed a partnership agreement recently.
The partnership between the two companies is a way to give back to society.
The prices of housing and agricultural items will be sold at a discount price by RC Manubhai to members of SPBD Fiji.
The General Manager of SPBD Fiji, Elrico Munoz says the partnership between the two companies will be beneficial to the people as they will be able to purchase goods at a cheaper price.
The General Manager emphasized, that loans to build houses will be given by SPBD as vouchers to the unfortunate members of SPBD to buy building materials from RC Manubhai at a discounted price.
He belives, SPBD’s network is wide and this partnership is also a platform to help RC Manubhai reach great hight and expand their business in the interior parts.
SPBD is the largest microfinance institution in the country with outreach to 426 villagers throughout Fiji helping the marginalised sectors of our society.
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