The beautiful new Rakiraki Market does more than grant vendors a secure night’s sleep in clean facilities; it is a powerful platform for empowering Fijian women. It helps women vendors not only to start new small businesses, but tap into the full potential of their ventures through on-site training and mentoring.

Even COVID-19 and its devastating economic impact couldn’t dampen the spirit at today’s opening. Because as the world prepares to welcome a new normal in the near future, Fiji is preparing to enter that new era on stronger footing. Just a few years ago, as homes and businesses in Rakiraki laid in ruin, this new market may have seemed impossible.

In times of suffering, the pain of the present is much easier felt than hope for an unseen future –– a feeling that Fijians are sharing once again today. But just as Rakiraki rose to its feet from Cyclone Winston, so will all of Fiji rise again from the challenge of COVID-19. And we will rise better, smarter and

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