The Fiji Police Force continues to carry out Raids onboard inter-island vessels in a bid to curb transportation of illicit drugs from maritime islands.

In the past weeks they have carried out a number of successful raids on inter-island vessels.

This is not the first the Fiji Police Force has carried out a raid in boats returning from the maritime island.

A raid conducted at the Narain jetty resulted in the seizure of dried leaves believed to be marijuana wrapped in clear plastic which was found inside a carton used for rubbish.

The joint operations conducted by officers from Totogo, K9 team with Fiji Revenue and Customs Officials, Drugs and WATERPOL yesterday saw officers boarding the boat out in the Suva Harbour and were able to conduct preliminary work before the K9 and other officers were able to board the vessel once berthed at the Narain Jetty.

According to the Fiji Police Force the possible carrier had allegedly disposed of the parcel of dried leaves in a carton used for rubbish which was discovered by officers during the search and no seizure is considered small if it means keeping illicit substances from causing harm.

The support from shipping company operators has been great and vital to the success of the raids and efforts in the war on drugs.

The snap raids will be conducted on a regular basis.​

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