With government debt estimated at around $8.3 billion or 83.4 percent of GDP, the 2020-2021 National Budget has been described as a brave one.

Leader of Opposition Sitiveni Rabuka says Fijians will have to work hard to get through this difficult time.

Speaking to Fiji One News straight after the budget announcement on Friday night, the Leader of Opposition Sitiveni Rabuka says Fijians will now have to focus on the rebound of our economy.

The reality however is still a painful one for all Fijians.

“It’s a brave one and one that will have to be – its going to be painful still, but we have to be realistic at times such as this when we are in crisis, we need to be really tough and faith and accept the challenges and see how well we can come out of it.”

On whether he thought the Budget should have placed more emphasis on other sectors, Rabuka said his party will have to carefully read through the provisions.

“I’ll have to study the announcement in more detail and look at the impact. Again what we had been thinking and come up with what we feel in our contribution during the debate.”

And whether the Budget reflected the maintenance of the labor market, Rabuka explained…

“It is …of getting back to acceptable employment levels. And it will take a lot of confidence. The people will need to be confident to go along with the measures and rebound the economy.”

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