The Fiji Rugby Union (FRU) in partnership with New Zealand Rugby – introduced the “Quick Rip” programme last year, in an effort to promote a ‘healthy Fiji’, through sports.

The FRU aims to expand this programme throughout Fiji, from the outer islands up to the interior of the country, and so far its successfully getting there, and most importantly promoting ‘healthy living’.
The Island of Kadavu held its “Quick Rip” festival last week – bringing together kids and youth, from the 24 villages that’s been covered so far.

The festival hosted almost 200 children and youth, where they played tag rugby, had screening conducted by the Ministry of Health, and enjoyed a variety of fruits and a healthy lunch.

The “Kadavu Yaubula Committee” has also begun their village and community outreach, in spreading this programme.

Kadavu “Qiuck Rip” Coordinator, Jekeli Boginivalu says, they’ve been constantly working alongside the Ministry of Health in Kadavu, to reduce NCD cases on the Island, and by far they’re progressing.

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