This situation report is to advise of the status of FRA’s assets due to the effect of TC Yasa

  • Both Queens Road and Kings Road are open

  • 1 road closed in the Central Division, 3 roads closed in the Western Division and 10 roads closed in the Northern Division

As Tropical Cyclone Yasa intensifies, the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) is urging the public to remain vigilant and take heed of advisories from the relevant authorities.

With warnings issued for most parts of the country, the FRA is closely monitoring the situation for all divisions.

  • FRA is reminding motorists not to move road closure signs or attempt to drive around barricades that block flooded roadways. These are placed for your safety and by entering flood waters you are potentially risking your own life and those of the emergency services.

  • Do not swim, drive or walk in flood waters. If the roadway has been flooded, please take a detour as floodwaters can be deceptively strong. 

  • Flooded roadways can be more dangerous than they appear because the road may have washed away or maybe deeper than it appears with hidden hazards such as debris, sharp objects etc. Please be extremely cautious. 

  • Be aware of the possibility of rock falls, landslides and debris on the roadway amidst heavy rain.

  • Always keep a safe following distance, avoid speeding and drive to the conditions.

Members of the public can call the FRA on toll free number 5720 or email shall they have any queries.

Keep up-to-date with the latest situation by following #FRAupdate on Facebook: Fiji Roads Authority and Twitter: @FijiRoads

Division Asset Name Road Name Area Status of Damage Advice to Motorists
Central Old Qeens Road (Wainadoi) Old Qeens Road (Wainadoi) Wainadoi Flooded Closed
Northern Kacidavui Crossing Nakobo Road Savusavu near Vunisavisavi Flooded Closed
Northern Qawa Crossing Qawa Road Bulileka, Labasa Flooded Closed
Northern Urata Crossing Urata Road Bulileka, Labasa Flooded Closed
Northern Konasami Crossing Dreketilailai Road Bulileka, Labasa Flooded Closed
Northern Bagata Crossing Vunivesi Road Savusavu  Flooded Closed
Northern Lalakoro low level Crossing Lalakoro Road Natua, Seaqaqa Flooded Closed
Northern Zailav Crossing Zailav Road Batiri, Seaqaqa Flooded Closed
Northern Waibula Crossing   Northern, Taveuni Flooded Closed
Northern Drekeniwai Crossing Drekeniwai Road Drekeniwai, Savusavu Flooded Closed
Northern Natewa Crossing Natewa Road Valavala, Natewa Road- Savusavu Flooded Closed
Western Katudrau Crossing Katudrau Road Rakiraki, Western Flooded Closed
Western Narara 1 Crossing Narara Road Narara, Rakiraki Flooded Closed
Western Drana Crossing Drana Road Drana, Rakiraki Flooded Closed

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