Protecting and leaving a safer Environment for a future generation will be attained through a collaboration with Public-Private Partnership involvement to deliver the common environmental vision.

was highlighted by the Minister for Agriculture, Rural and Maritime
Development, Waterways and Environment Hon. Dr. Mahendra Reddy while
officiating at the National Environment Council Meeting at Holiday Inn in Suva

Reddy Reiterated to the members of the National Environment Council to ensure
environment and natural resources management policies are effective,
sustainable and are in the best interest of all Fijians and for future

extends beyond the government itself which include the roles played by the
communities and the private sector in managing and planning for Fiji’s future
environmental outcomes”

collaborative partnerships will allow synergies, reduce timeframes and
resources directly proportional to the level of collaboration as it removes
duplication and brings targets closer to achieve it successfully, efficiently
and much faster,” he said

Reddy further reiterated that growth and development are significant to any
country, enduring environmental legislation are in place to protect Natural

are in challenging times as we try to balance the need for economic development
and the need for saving our environment; thus the need to achieve sustainable
development in every aspect of the work we carry out in our respective fields,”

National Environment Council is a legislated body established under the
Environment Management Act 2005 (administered by the Department of
Environment). The National Environment Council is chaired by the Permanent
Secretary for the Ministry of Waterways and Environment Mr. Joshua

Council is represented by the Permanent Secretaries from line Ministries, Chief
Executive Officer from the iTLTB, representatives from the business
communities, academic institutions and the Non-Government Organizations

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