The Nasinu Town Council together with the Commissioner Central’s office has successfully cleared up piled rubbish at Narere Stage 1, Muanikoso Housing, Nepani, Navosai, Ratu Dovi Road, Kings Road and parts of Kalokalo Cresent in Makoi.

The campaign which started early this month will only be completed once all of the remaining areas are visited and rubbish is cleared.

These areas are Narere, Tuirara, Tovata, Nadawa, Kalabu, Valelevu, Caubati, Nadera, Kinoya and Laucala Beach.

The non-separation of white goods, kitchen and green waste and the daily dumping of rubbish on the roadside, has led to the delay in cleaning up Nasinu.

To prevent the spread of leptospirosis, typhoid, dengue, and diarrhea, the Council is urging residents of Nasinu to put their rubbish out, only on the days allocated for each area and to continue cleaning their compounds.

Currently Nasinu Town Council has paid $8,110 to carry out the cleaning exercise as part of their project sum of $62,700.

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