Fiji High Commission in Wellington, New Zealand has commenced the processing of
the e-passports applications after the installation of the new e-passport
enrolment kit.

new technology has enabled mission staff to record the biometric data of
Fijians who travelled from Christchurch, Auckland, Napier and Hastings since
its installation.

was the second Fijian diplomatic mission to receive the e-passport enrolment
kit. It was brought to New Zealand on the 21st January by the Department of
Immigration in Suva.

High Commissioner Filimone Waqabaca said the new system would help Fijians
enjoy the benefits of the Bainimarama Governmentโ€™s Digital Strategy.

really glad the new e-passports have a whole range of security features that
help Fijians in New Zealand travel easier and make the passport more secure.
Itโ€™s also been great for our staff in Wellington to have a more integrated
approach with the Department of Immigration with everything online now.โ€

normally average about 5-10 clients a day but weโ€™ve been putting out the word
through our community leaders and our mailing lists and we expect to get even
more busier as more Fijians from all over New Zealand realise they no longer
have to travel back to Fiji to get their passports done, โ€œ he said.

Mission staff have also been quick to adapt to the new technology that has
greatly enhanced their work. This is part of the Fijian Governmentโ€™s digital
transformation that ensures secure borders and socio-economic progress for all

Commissioner Waqabaca thanked the Immigration Department for also considering
their request for a mobile enrolment kit to be used in community outreach
events in cities like Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch that has a 
significant Fijian presence.

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