“When Fijian farmers are strong, Fijian communities are strong, Fijian families are strong, and Fiji is strong enough to withstand whatever headwinds blow our way.”

These were the sentiments expressed by Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama at the launch of Nubu Farms –– the latest community-based model of commercial farming that we’ve been steadily rolling out across the country.

PM Bainimarama highlighted that no matter what is happening overseas, and no matter how long this pandemic persists, our need for hard-working Fijian farmers will always remain.

“Through this new venture, across these 125 acres of farmland in the heart of Viti Levu, 42 farmers –– including women and young folks –– will grow previously import-dependent produce like carrots and celery, as well as traditional Fijian staples like duruka and dalo.

“Rather than going at it alone, these farmers are members of a fully-managed commercial farm. As contracted farmers to Fiji Agro Marketing, each of these farmers will be card-holding members of the Fiji National Provident Fund, and can access FNPF funds to better their children’s education, upgrade their homes and save for retirement.”

PM Bainimarama also highlighted that the Ministry of Agriculture is committed to supplying planting materials to Nubu Farms for the next three years, giving them time to achieve large-scale commercial farming that can sustain the community for decades.

“If we keep this momentum going, your children could be farming this same land, earning the same proud living feeding families.”

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