As Pacific Peoples with our diverse cultures and traditions, we are blessed with rich and resourceful cultures, traditions and practices that our forefathers observed and preserved.

While launching the Voices in the Deep (VOID) Exhibition held at Holiday Inn, Suva, His Excellency, the President Major-General (Ret’d) Jioji Konusi Konrote, said the Pacific people were one with nature and their surroundings, every aspect of nature and their lives had a spiritual element to it too which was reflected in their artefacts and paintings.

President Konrote acknowledged the work done by the forefathers, particularly the church leaders and elders for their wisdom and foresight for establishing the Reweaving the Ecological Mat or REM Programme in 1999.

This, he said, helped “to preserve our traditional way of life – our cultures and traditions, our pristine and tranquil environment/biodiversity – and equally important, to re-connect us back with Nature”.

“I am reliably informed that the REM initiative is an attempt to weave a national and Pacific story of resilience, self-determination and hope for the wellbeing and sustainable development of the region, their voices and her peoples.”

“It was designed to facilitate regional and national dialogue with governments, churches, civil society organisations, indigenous communities and higher learning institutions to discuss development challenges and to ‘reweave’ new approaches to holistic national and regional development,” President Konrote said.

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