The Sugar Cane Growers Fund has launched the 2020 pre-harvesting loans for this season.

The Fund has approved 992 applications amounting to $2.72 million with cane harvesting is expected to start in June.

Growers may need to prepare for the harvesting such as, repairs of plants and machines, making advance payment to the cane cutters or the harvesting gangs and repair the harvesting camps.

The Pre Harvesting loan started from the 27th of last month and ends on August 31st.

Growers will be able to get the loan at 6 percent interest rate which is comparatively cheaper compared to commercial banks ranging around 10 to 12 percent.

Growers can call at any of the districts offices for the assistance and District Loans Officers will be visiting growers, however due to COVID-19 restrictions, the meetings will be limited.

Therefore, the Sugar Cane Growers Fund plans to conduct an hour of live streaming on its Facebook this month to get in touch with growers and their needs.

The Sugar Cane Growers Fund is also looking at other loan packages that will support growers in addition to sugar cane farming in the current environment such as providing loans for he educational needs of children which includes funding for tablets and laptops as the school holidays are extended.

In addition, supplementary loans for Subsistence Farming is also available for growers, says Chief Executive Officer, Raj Sharma.

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