Suva football club president Ritesh Pratap says the 2021 football season was a success for him and his association,

“Winning the three major title this year have been a dream come true for me, “said Pratap

“This was the first objective I had set myself when becoming President four years ago. It has been a difficult and complex experience on a tortuous journey, “said Pratap

‘For me personally, coming to the club, winning the Vodafone Premier League, winning the Vodafone Fiji FACT and Vodafone Futsal IDC in one season is just a magnificent personally and a dream come true,”

“Emotionally but just full of joy. It is such a good feeling. We have worked so hard for the past four years have finally paid off,”

The Suva businessman said their strength was unity.

“It is exactly this kind of internal strength that makes the Suva Football Association a success. Our district is a very unique of individuals, our strength is in unity.

“With the long history of the Suva FA [since 1936] I am proud to say that our pattern is one of continuous growth, improvement and most of all dedication.

“I have always stressed family involvement from the start, however I could not have imagined four years ago that we would have such a cohesive group of people. We certainly had some ups and downs but we always carried on to improve.”

“I can truly say that I could not be more proud of all the players and officials on and off the field.  Truly a one of a kind group.”

Pratap said he was proud to have six dedicated executive members who have worked hard to bring the association to great heights,

“This season came with its challenges, but the six man together made it a success,”

“ I heartily thank my executives Sunil Karan (Ram Karan Kava Dealers Ltd), Shailendra Narayan (Jedis Stationary), Ravnil Narayan (Flow Valves), Vinay Anand Singh (Vinz Workz) and Alfaaz Mallam (All Freight Logistics) and Salesh Raj of Raj Kava who been with me in this successful journey.”

“Our social affairs are always a big part of our football season.

“I would also like to thank my very dear wife for all her strong support and not forgetting all our sponsors who have supported us either in cash or kind, “said Pratap

Meanwhile Pratap says the players will share the VPL prize money of $17,000 and Fiji FACT prize money of $18,000 comes to $35,000 altogether and the association is looking to fork $15,000 out to make it $50,0000

He said the winnings will be distributed among players and the officials.

Each player will receive at least $2,500 depending on the number of games they played.

 “The prize money structure will be different as we will see the number of games each player has played and with that narration, they will be awarded. We have a physiotherapist and other four officials in the team who will also be rewarded with cash for their assistance in the team.”

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