In a bid to tackle the illegal cultivation of marijuana on the island of Kadavu, a meeting was conducted this past week giving the Fiji Police Force the opportunity to brief the Commissioner Eastern’s Office and various government agencies about drug operations currently underway on the island of Kadavu.

Director Community Policing Senior Superintendent of Police Bereta Naisua highlighted ongoing efforts in the war against drugs giving stakeholders the opportunity to discuss an all-governmental approach aimed at tackling the growing problem.

The latest operations resulted in the seizure of more than 1.2 tons of marijuana plants worth more than $85 million dollars within a one-month period.

Those represented in the meeting included officials from the Ministries of Agriculture, Commerce and Trade, Tourism, Transport, Health, Fisheries, Water Authority and the Commissioner Eastern’ Office.

SSP Naisua said the Fiji Police is focused on reducing and curbing the illegal trade because of the negative social impacts its having on the people of Kadavu adding operations will continue over the coming weeks.

The Fiji Police will also look to its key partners for support.

The Fiji Police Force believes the Duavata Community Policing approach will help reduce the illegal cultivation of marijuana and change the negative image Kadavu has in being a red zone area.

Commissioner Eastern Vitale Varo agreed that stakeholders will need to work together to find solutions to the drug problem in Kadavu.

The next meeting will allow participants to come up with models, ideas and plans towards the whole Integrated Rural Development Framework focusing more on alternative ways to assist in curbing the illegal drug trade.

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