Drug operations continue right around the country as the war on drugs intensifies.

In the Southern Division a 45year old taxi driver was taken into custody on Thursday afternoon after a raid conducted at his home resulted in the seizure of apparatus and equipment allegedly used to produce hard drugs as well as smoking apparatuses, electronic items and foreign currencies.

The raid was conducted at Delainasole Settlement and also in custody are two other taxi drivers who were arrested at the alleged scene of crime.

In separate cases in the Western Division, three men appeared in court for alleged cases of unlawful possession of illicit drugs as they were found with white substances tested positive to be methamphetamine.

The first accused a 28 unemployed man residing in Waiyavi was arrested following a raid in an apartment complex this past week where he was allegedly found with methamphetamine and marijuana.

The second incident involved a taxi driver and a tow truck driver both of whom were arrested in Lautoka after they were found with clear plastics containing white crystals tested positive as methamphetamine.

While the focus on white hard drugs continues in the main urban centres, operations on eradicating the cultivation of marijuana also continues.

This past week raids continue in Kadavu resulting in the arrest of one suspect.

A raid conducted at Muanisolo, Naceva, Kadavu resulted in the seizure of up to 400 marijuana plants and in another raid conducted near Naivakarauniniu Village over 400 marijuana plants were also discovered.

A third raid conducted in Nauciwai Village, Yale resulted in the seizure of more than 700 plants believed to be marijuana.

A 59year old farmer was arrested following the raid in Naivakarauniniu Village and is in custody.

Chief Operations Officer ACP Abdul Khans says Police officers deployed to Kadavu have been receiving overwhelming support for the ongoing efforts on the war on drugs.

ACP Khan has acknowledged the support from villagers and elders as information has been forthcoming regarding those involved in the illegal drug trade.

“This is a positive sign for our operations. At the beginning there was resistance but majority are now supporting the operations”.

“While some have labelled the operations a waste of time, as far as policing is concerned we will continue to deploy officers to Kadavu and other parts of Fiji if it means saving another innocent life from the harmful effects of drugs”.

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