have been directed to arrest people found loitering in
public places outside of
the nationwide curfew hours.

follows serious concerns received about people
continuing to gather in numbers and are not adhering to physical distancing
measures particularly in public places.

Also with the announcement of the extension
of school holidays for another two week period, parents
and guardians must at all times ensure that
their children are at home, and not loitering around places where they should not be.

message about physical distancing and unnecessary gatherings has been
reiterated time and time again by the Hon. Prime Minister and the Ministry of
Health and Medical Services, and is clearly being taken lightly, hence the
directive issued to the five Divisional Police Commanders this morning to start
arresting and charging people for loitering outside the curfew hours
of 10pm to 5am.

must continue to take all necessary precautionary measures and I reiterate the
words of the Hon. Prime Minister, where he stated that every person in Fiji should act as if anyone, anywhere could be
a carrier of the virus, and for every one to recognise that they have a
role to play in defeating this virus for good.

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