Of the Nine  (9) people arrested in the last 24hours for COVID-19 related breaches, one report involved a Police Officer who was found drunk whilst on duty in Lami.

The Southern Division recorded seven  (7) arrests in total.

The female officer was arrested after she was stopped at a checkpoint and was discovered to be intoxicated whilst on duty.

Five juveniles were arrested in the Southern Divsion which included four youths found loitering along Omkar Road in Narere. 

Another youth was arrested with a 25year old playing tourch rugby at the Nabua Ground along Sukanaivalu Road playing while others fled the scene.

The lone case from the Western Division involved a 37 year man who was arrested at Saweni Beach in Lautoka while one case in the North involved a 32 year old man who was found loitering  at Nawaca in Bua during curfew hours.The Eastern and the Central Division recorded nil reports.

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