Thirty-six breach of curfew arrests were made from 10 pm to 5 am this morning, including a Police officer in the Western Division.

The Southern Division recorded 23 reports, 8 in the Western Division, 3 in the North, and 2 in the East.

In the Southern Division, a 31year old man was arrested at Jittu Estate after he was found moving around after midnight and could also possibly face an additional charge of found in possession after bullets of dried leaves believed to be marijuana were allegedly found in his possession.

Thirteen arrests were made in the Raiwaqa area including juveniles as they were found moving around during the curfew hours.

A Police officer was arrested after hiring a taxi from Nadi to Lautoka during curfew hours whereby he stated he needed to get to work. 

The driver took the officer directly to the Lautoka Police Station as he was acting in a suspicious manner and was allegedly intoxicated, where he was arrested for breaching curfew.

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