As officers continue to monitor the situation in and around the lockdown areas, members of the public in other Divisions are urged to strictly adhere to the restrictions announced by the Hon. Prime Minister and Ministry of Health officials for the sake of their own wellbeing.

Fijians need to understand that we will not hesitate to charge anyone who continues to breach these regulations particularly when it comes to gatherings of more than 20 people.

Today a Catholic Priest will be produced at the Nausori Magistrates Court for an alleged case of disobedience of lawful order as he was responsible for a mass gathering at Tokou, Ovalau on Sunday whereby more than 20 people allegedly gathered for a religious service.

In the Eastern Division we have also brought in for questioning a Turaga ni Koro and the owner of the house where a social gathering was held where more than 20 people allegedly met mast night.

Police continue to receive information that we are grateful for from members of the public of the gatherings still taking place and we will investigate these as well.

Police urge people to listen and adhere to these advisories as it’s being implemented for everyone’s wellbeing.

Officers are also focused on routine operations and when information is received from other Divisions that social gatherings of more than 20 people continue to take place, officers will be deployed thus taking away critical resources from routine policing which can be avoided if everyone will just cooperate over what’s left of the 14 day period.

Police need everyone to work together if we are to get through this difficult and challenging time for our beloved Fiji.

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