In a bid to enhance crime prevention initiatives and strengthen working relations between key stakeholders the Fiji Police Force convened a meeting with members of Civil Society Organisations this past week.

An invitation was extended by the Acting Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu to more than thirty CSO’s for a meeting and talanoa session hosted by the Fiji Police Force in order to strengthen networking and map a way forward towards fighting crime.

A/CP Tudravu said the Fiji Police Force acknowledged and realized the valuable contribution CSO’s have towards crime prevention initiatives as they have expertise and specialized knowledge in specific areas where Police at times lack.

“We have our limitations and do not have everything to minimize the crime rate and that is why an invitation was extended to you to have an informal session as we want a more approachable relationship between our respective organisations”

A presentation on past crime trends and statistics was presented by the Director Strategic Planning SSP Aporosa Lutunauga.The Acting Commissioner said the purpose of beginning the discussions with the presentation was so that everyone was on the same page.

“We all share a common goal of helping people and by sharing the statistics we hope that you will know where your respective organisations can assist Police”.

While there were issues raised regarding Police Service delivery, the Acting Commissioner said the purpose of the meeting was to be able to establish networking to address such issues.“I value your contribution and see it as an important audit to how we operate because you also receive reports and we welcome criticism, positive comments and anything else you may contribute as you are essentially our strategic partners in this battle”.In his closing remarks, The Acting Commissioner of Police also highlighted the possibility of convening a National Symposium bringing together all stakeholders in an effort to address crime.

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